Pay as you go for your website and apps

Design, develop and maintain your website and mobile application with Vokapps’ professional and up-to-date services.

Launch Your Business

Vokapps will take care of polishing your website/app and will have it ready for launching in a set time.

Optimized For Speed

Because speed is essential, Vokapps ensures swift and efficient implementation for your website/app.

Loved By Many

Our clients are always satisfied. Vokapps is a reputable platform that guarantees competence.

About US

We provide Website as a Service (WaaS) and Mobile App as a Service, ensuring that you have a range of packages to select your preferred choice. Vokapps’ payment system will also make it easy for you to finance your website or mobile app, as we provide pay-as-you-go billing plans. Vokapps’ services guarantee websites and mobile apps that are regularly maintained and updated.


Web Development

Develop, design and maintain your business’ website according to the highest standards

Mobile App

Build your business mobile app with a friendly user interface and sleek design

Content Management

Create and manage website content


Secure your website through SSL Certificates

Security & Maintenance

Provide security and maintenance services to keep your website/app safe and updated

B2B Marketing

Create and carry out professional and creative B2B marketing strategies


Keep your website up and running with our hosting service


Provide regular backups

Web App

Build a fully functional web app for your business


Find and register domain name


Customize and create a professional emailing system for your business


Choose the right storage size and never lose your data

Our Clients

Our Packages


55 USD per month


96 USD per month

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